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OLGA (2014)

Fascinated by the narrative dynamics of certain dreams where stories fit into each other and a succession of illogical facts becomes meaningful, Florencia Demestri moves between aspects of reality that overlap and fade. With Olga, she portrays a strange and endearing character plagued by fantasies, who steps back into reality as if she were falling into another dream. The piece opens up an intense and unusual universe that confuses the protagonist: in this dream, I’m not a person; I’m a place...

Choreography and Dance
Florencia Demestri
Boris Cekevda
Light design
Nicolas Olivier
Artistic Advisor
Samuel Lefeuvre

Les Brigittines - Centre d’Art contemporain du Mouvement de la Ville de Bruxelles

With the support of la Maison de la Création Bruxelles-Nord and SACD

LOG asbl

Length : 30min



22, 23 November - Avant-Première / La Balsamine / Brussels (BE)

10 February - Avant-Première / Teatro Mecenate / Arrezo (IT)
2 August - Avant-Première / Plataforma LAVARDEN / Rosario (ARG)



31 May - Avant-Première / OFF Festival - Garage 29 / Brussels (BE)
15, 16 August - Festival International des Brigittines / Brussels (BE)

26 September - UrBANGUILD / Kyoto (JP)

30 January - Rencontres du Court / Bordeaux (FR)


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