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troisième nature (third nature)

creation 2022

Seeking to break away from anthropocentric automatisms when creating movement, Florencia Demestri and Samuel Lefeuvre bet with Troisième Nature on the potential for the body to translate non-human, even non-living movements. They believe that the body can function as a landscape, in the sense of a multitude in the making, and then become a surface for the inscription and circulation of a whole diversity of modes of existence.

At the center of a circular installation around which the audience is seated, they recompose a sensitive, non-anatomical body made of a mirror-surface, taking spectators on a journey through the randomness of forms. Rather than a choreographic phrasing or a defined corporality, images follow one another, conjuring up the phenomenon of pareidolia - that spontaneous transformism of the visible, which can make us see a horse in a cloud, or a mountain range in patches of humidity !

Choreography and dance

Florencia Demestri + Samuel Lefeuvre


Raphaëlle Latini


Nicolas Olivier

Technical director

François Bodeux


Vanessa Pinto, Natalia Fandiño


Arnaud Timmermans


LOG asbl

Co-Production Charleroi Danse, Les Brigittines, La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie, dans le cadre du dispositif Accueil-Studio, MARS - Mons Arts de la Scène Support La Fabrique des Possibles, GRAND STUDIO

with the support of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles - Service de la Danse and WBI



20 May / Kunsten Bo[!]s des Arts - Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon - Lembeek (BE)

22 June / Tanz Ist Festival - Dornbirn (AT)

29 June / Lessines (BE) - tbc

July / TanzFaktur - Köln (DE) - tbc

July / Festival Performare - Serradifalco - Sicile (IT) - tbc

16 July 2024 / InCastro Festival - Castroreale - Sicile (IT)



3 November / Festival El Cruce  - Rosario (ARG)

29 October / Centro Cultural Recoleta - Buenos Aires (ARG)

27 Octobrer / Festival AURA - La Plata (ARG)

12+13+14 October / Biennale de Charleroi Danse - Charleroi (BE)

17 September / Festival Constellations - Toulon (FR)

10+11+12+13+14 July 2023 / Festival OFF Avignon @ L'Atelier/Naïf Production - Avignon (FR)

8 July 2023 / Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales - Bagnolet (FR)

4+5 July / Festival Parterre - Plaigne (FR)

2 July / Festival Dansand - Ostende (BE)

31 March / Festival BLOOM (en partenariat avec La Place de la Danse - CDCN Toulouse-Occitanie) - Tournefeuille (FR)

16 March / Festival On Marche - Marrakech (MR)


11 September / Festival Plastique Danse Flore - Versailles (FR)

24+25+26 March / Festival In Movement @ Les Brigittines - Bruxelles (BE)

21+22 January / PREMIERE / Festival 30'30" - Bordeaux (FR)


30 October (excerpt) / MARS Mons Arts de la Scène - Mons (BE)

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