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For our new creation, we are looking for 6 dancers eager to embark on a non-anthropocentric exploration of movement.

The term holobiont refers to the fact that there is no such thing as an isolated form of life, but rather that all life is always multiplied by others. It shakes up our fundamentals, and shows us that we maintain multiple, intimate relationships with thousands of "others".
 Behind each individual lies a cooperative ecosystem of millions of micro-organisms that define us and on which we are completely dependent. 

What if "I" were already "we"?

We want to work on these composite identities, on these complex systems of inter(re)actions to revisit the body as a container of the multiple, seeking to trigger in the spectators a concrete sensation of new possibilities.


Experienced dancers (or people with a movement practice) of all genders, ages and cultural backgrounds, open-minded and caring, with an interest in intense but sensitive physical material, in group and contact work, and in hijacking choreographic tools.


Preliminary calendar

From 26 > 30 november 2024  (Brussels)
From 9 > 20 december 2024 (Brussels)
2 weeks between march / april 2025 to be defined
From 2 > 6 june 2025 (Charleroi)
3 weeks between september and october 2025 to be defined


Première mid-OCTOBER 2025 during the Charleroi danse Biennale
Tour schedule under construction

Type of contract and remuneration

Fixed-term contracts, as per CP 304


How to apply
Pre-selection by dossier

An e-mail announcing the result of the pre-selection will be sent no later than April 5, 2024, with the date, place and time of the audition.


Application documents
A letter telling us about yourself and how the company's work and/or the project appeals to you.
A memory of a relationship with a non-human life form, real or imagined (in any form you wish).
One or two links to videos of you in motion that you like/that you'd like to share/that (re)present you (preferred length: under 4 min)

Between the 14th and the 19th of april 2024 in Brussels.


Send applications
email subject: audition + name + first name


Application deadline

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